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An ode to running a database on bare metal

No, my muse is not quite as strong as to inspire me to write an ode, but I still want to emphasize a few points about the goodness of running a database on bare metal.

At Evite, we use sharded MySQL for our production database. We designed the current architecture in 2009, when NoSQL was still very much in its infancy, so MySQL seemed a solid choice, a technology that we could at least understand. As I explained elsewhere, we do use MySQL in an almost non-relational way, and we sharded from the get-go, with the idea that it's better to scale horizontally than vertically.

We initially launched with the database hosted at a data center on a few Dell PE2970 servers, each with 16 GB of RAM and 2 quad-core CPUs. Each server was running 2 MySQL instances. We didn't get a chance to dark launch, but the initial load testing we did showed that we should be OK. However, there is nothing like production traffic to really stress test your infrastructure, and we soon realized that we have…

Graphing, alerting and mission control with Graphite and Nagios

We’ve been using Graphite more and more for graphing of OS- and application-related metrics (here are some old-ish notes of mine on installing and configuring Graphite.) We measure and graph variables as diverse as:relative and absolute state of charge of the LSI MegaRAID controller battery (why? because we’ve been burned by battery issuesbefore)database server I/O wait time (critical for EC2 instances which are notorious for their poor I/O performance; at this point we only run MySQL slaves in EC2, and we do not repeat DO NOT use EBS volumes for DB servers, instead we stripe the local disks into a RAID 0 array with LVM)memcached stats such as current connections, get hits and misses, delete hits and misses, evictionspercentage and absolute number of HTTP return codes as served by nginx and haproxycount of messages in various queues (our own and Amazon SQS)count of outgoing mail messages
We do have a large Munin install base, so we found Adam Jacob’s munin-graphite.rb script very usefu…