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Keepalived, iproute2 and HAProxy (part 2)

In part 1 of this 2-part series, I explained how we initially set up keepalived and iproute2 on 2 HAProxy load balancers with the goal of achieving high availability at the load balancer layer. Each of the load balancers had 3 interfaces, and we wanted to be able to ssh into any IP address on those interfaces -- hence the need to iproute2 rules. However, adding keepalived into the mix complicated things.

To test failover at the HAProxy layer, we simulated a system failure by rebooting the primary load balancer. As expected, keepalived transferred the floating IP address to the secondary load balancer, and everything worked as expected. However, things started going south when the primary load balancer came back online. We had a chicken and egg problem: the iproute2 rules related to the floating IP address didn't kick in when rc.local was run, because the floating IP wasn't there yet. Then keepalived correctly identified the primary system as being up and transferred the float…