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Using golang to integrate Pingdom checks into a Cachet status page

Recently I've been looking at a decent open source status page system for our API endpoints. After looking around, I decided to give Cachet a try. Installing Cachet on an Ubuntu 14.04 box is not hard, but not trivial either; you need to spend a bit of a time on learning how to deploy a php/laravel/composer system. I used the official Cachet installation doc, as well as this top-notch Digital Ocean tutorial on installing nginx and php5-fpm on Ubuntu.

We already use Pingdom as an external monitoring system for our API endpoints, so it made sense to try integrating our existing Pingdom checks into Cachet. Pingdom support for 3rd party services is very limited though. They do offer a way to call a webhook as part of an alerting policy, but AFAICT it's not possible to customize that call with authentication information, which is what 3rd party APIs usually require.

I ended up rolling my own short and sweet golang program that combines russellcardullo's go-pingdom package with m…