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LDAP server setup and client authentication

We recently bought at work a CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise license and I wanted to tie the user accounts to a directory service. I first tried to set up Jenkins authentication via the AWS Directory Service, hoping it will be pretty much like talking to an Active Directory server. That proved to be impossible to set up, at least for me. I also tried to have an LDAP proxy server talking to the AWS Directory Service and have Jenkins authenticate against the LDAP proxy. No dice. I ended up setting up a good old-fashioned LDAP server and managed to get Jenkins working with it. Here are some of my notes.

OpenLDAP server setup
I followed this excellent guide from Digital Ocean. The server was an Ubuntu 14.04 EC2 instance in my case. What follows in terms of the server setup is taken almost verbatim from the DO guide.

Set the hostname

# hostnamectl set-hostname my-ldap-server

Edit /etc/hosts and make sure this entry exists:
LOCAL_IP_ADDRESS my-ldap-server
(it makes a dif…